ERC-20 Bridge

Anyone can build on top of the protocol. At launch, we provided two simple example applications, one of which is called the ERC-20 bridge. As the name suggests, it allows wrapping and unwrapping ERC-20s on Chia by converting them to equivalent CATs. The contracts can be found here.

Message Contents

As previously mentioned, each message sent through the protocol has a contents field which consists of 32-byte values. In the case of ERC20Bridge, the contents array contains 3 elements:

  • ERC-20 Contract Address: The contract address of the token being wrapped, which is essentially used as an identifier

  • Receiver: The address that will receive either the wrapped ERC-20 CATs (when wrapping) or original ERC-20 tokens (when unwrapping). This value is either a puzzle hash (when wrapping) or an address (when unwrapping).

  • Amount in mojos: Amount, in mojos, of wrapped CATs to be minted or that have been burned.

Note that all values are automatically padded with leading 0s to be 32-byte.

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