Chia - Sending Messages

For Chia, sending messages is as simple as creating a coin. Specifically, the 'CREATE_COIN' condition should contain the following arguments:

  • puzzle_hash: see below

  • amount: at least the current per-message toll (1000000000 mojos)

  • memos: a list of values as defined below

    • destination_chain: 3-byte identifier of the chain the message will be relayed to

    • destination: identifier (i.e., address) of the contract that will receive the message

    • contents: all remaining memo values will be padded to 32 bytes and be used as contents

Resulting Coin

The resulting coin's id will be used as a nonce, as Chia consensus enforces unique coin ids. The puzzle hash of the said coin should be a09eb1ea8c6e83c0166801dabcf4a70d361cc7f6d89c4a46bcd400ac57719037, which corresponds to the following puzzle:

(mod (
  (include condition_codes.clib)

    (list ASSERT_MY_AMOUNT my_amount)
    (list RESERVE_FEE my_amount)

The puzzle above is responsible for sending the message toll to the block farmer - i.e., use the coin's value as a transaction fee.

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