Rekeying is the process of changing hot or cold keys, as well as signature thresholds. It is expected to be used when one of the validators loses access to their key(s) or suspects that they were compromised.

For EVM chains, Safe{Wallet} makes any possible re-key operation simple through their interface. Validator 0 will generate a normal multisig transaction, which the other validators will verify and sign.

For Chia, the portal singleton comes with a built-in update mechanism. After validators have been notified that a rekey is needed, they will each run the following command:

python3 rekey sign-tx --new-message-keys [new-message-keys] --new-message-threshold [new-message-threshold] --new-update-keys [new-update-keys] --new-update-threshold [new-update-threshold] --validator-index [validator-index]

Message keys refer to hot keys, while update keys refer to cold keys. It's recommended that you take these from your current config.json file and then modify where needed. Current message and update keys are taken from the config - so make sure to keep it up to date and only update the information after someone (usually validator 0) has submitted and confirmed the rekey transaction.

Message and update keys should be given as a single string separated by commas (no spaces). Example: val1,val2,val3

A list of the options and their respective descriptions can be viewed via:

python3 rekey sign-tx --help

The process to generate the signature is identical to the one used during attestations (generate QR code, scan with Ozone wallet, get signature). The {validator-index}-{signature} string should be sent to validator 0.

Your signature authorizes the transition from the keys/threshold in the current config to the newly-specified values. It can be used to update any portal coin with the settings in your config to the new settings. This means that messages can be relayed while the signatures are gathered, leading to minimal service disruption.

Once enough signatures have been gathered, validator 0 will assemble a spend bundle that upgrades the portal via:

python3 rekey broadcast-spend --help

After the transaction is confirmed, validators should update the affected config.json files. The frontend code configuration will also need to be updated.


Use the verify-tx-sig command of the rekey module to verify anyone's rekey signature.

python3 rekey verify-tx-sig --help

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