Collecting Signatures

A signature is comprised of:

  • Routing data: source chain id, destination chain id, and nonce. Binary data is concatenated, and the result is bech32m-encodeded with a prefix of 'r'

  • Coin data (optional): singleton coin id for which the signature is valid, bech32m-encoded with a prefix of 'c'. Only used if destination chain is Chia ('xch').

  • Signature data: signature, bech32m-encoded with a prefix of 's'

Each validator has an associated Nostr public key ('account') where signatures are posted as kind 1 events (short text note). The signature data is used as the content, while routing and coin data are put in tags with keys 'r' and 'c', respectively. To relay a message, apps should first connect to Nostr relays and fetch the required number of signatures.

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